ACIL Luncheon

28Mar2017 13:00 - 14:00


This ACIL Luncheon will address two topics: the making of legality in international law in light of the Paris Agreement; information asymmetry and international law, related to the Netherlands-Turkey crisis.

In this ACIL Luncheon, we have two contributions:

1. Maiko Meguro: The making of legality in international law in light of the Paris Agreement

Following 5 years of negotiation, the Paris Agreement on climate change has been adopted at COP21 in 2015, with 132 Parties already having ratified it. As to the legal nature of the Paris Agreement, the academic debate continues around the following question: can an instrument without fixed and implementable obligations be legally binding? Indeed, the Paris Agreement is a new form of multilateral agreement, dealing with an emerging multi-level regulatory space where authority is diffused across various levels of governance and between different types of actors. Maiko Meguro will address this structure of the Paris Agreement in light of the balance between legal formality and the need to reflect on the reality of multi-level regulatory space.

2. Kerem Gulay: Information Asymmetry and International Law: Some Thoughts on the Netherlands-Turkey Crisis

The recent diplomatic crisis between the Netherlands and Turkey has been explained as "pre-election grandstanding" by leading political parties in the Dutch and Turkish governments. In that sense, the crisis showcases the growing influence of domestic politics, particularly the rise of right-wing populism, on international relations. While these arguments hold merit, the crisis is indicative of a more subtle problem: the existence of difference in knowledge about the content of international law  between the Dutch and the Turkish governments. Kerem Gulay will discuss the implications of this “information asymmetry” regarding international law.


Faculty of Law, University of Amsterdam

Oudemanhuispoort 4-6, Room A101


The ACIL regularly organizes ACIL Luncheons at which ACIL researchers and visiting fellows present aspects of their work, discuss recent developments, cases, ideas, etc. ACIL Luncheons aim to advance interaction and exchange of research. They are open to all; registration is not required.

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