Amsterdam Center for International Law


Research Master's Public International Law (LLM)

The two-year Research Master’s programme in Public International Law aims to give students knowledge and understanding of the fundamental principles of public international law. The programme has been developed and is taught by researchers of the ACIL.

In particular, the programme focusses on the key areas of the international rule of law, legal science and international legal research. At the same time, students will acquire the skills they need in order to apply their knowledge to conduct fundamental and applied research. Graduates of the Research Master’s may apply for an accelerated, three-year PhD track.

Amsterdam International Law Clinic

In cooperation with the Department of Public International Law and European Law and the Amsterdam International Law Clinic (AILC), the ACIL renders legal advice to law firms, national or international (non-) governmental organisations, companies, and individuals.

The Clinic offers Master's students the possibility to combine international law theory and practice during a semester at the University of Amsterdam. Under the supervision of experienced Faculty members, students advise law firms, government bodies, companies and non-governmental organisations on active legal matters.

Published by  ACIL

13 December 2016