Amsterdam Center for International Law

PhD Research at the ACIL

Research Programme: The International Rule of Law

Junior researchers

  1. Heather Bray
    Historical analysis of private-public arbitration commissions as global regulatory governance mechanisms
  2. Yu Chen
    Responsibility of multilateral development banks (MDBs) in relation to environmental effects of their development financing
  3. Vladislav Djanic
    Arbitrating public-private disputes before individual tribunals: a historical perspective
  4. Kathryn Greenman
    The international responsibility of non-state armed groups
  5. Nataša Nedeski
    Shared obligations in international law
  6. Katrine Tvede
    On the grid: patterns of norm diffusion in international arbitration
  7. Vincent Vleugel
    The use of the margin of appreciation doctrine in the UN human rights treaty body system
  8. Sander Wirken
    Transitional justice and the rule of law

Junior researchers (external)

  1. Christiane Ahlborn
    Responsibility of member states of an international organization
  2. Jane Bulmer
    [   ]
  3. Nicolò Bussolati
    Delocalizing the revolution: cyber political 'hacktivism' and implications for criminal law
  4. Evelyn Campos Sanchez
    Remedies in cases of aggravated international responsibility
  5. Tom Diederen
    The right to protest at sea
  6. Yaron Gottlieb
    International cooperation in combating maritime piracy: institutions, networks, and other forms of collaboration 
  7. Hoora Hashemi
    Climate change-induced displacement and development of international law
  8. Nienke van der Have
    The Prevention of Gross Human Rights Violations Under International Human Rights Law
  9. Emma Irving
    The Shared Protection of Human Rights at the International Criminal Court
  10. Mark Klein
    Harmonization ahead! The road to common evidentiary standards in European criminal procedure
  11. Erik Kok
    The principle of complicity in the law of state responsibility
  12. Edda Kristjansdottir
    [   ]
  13. Maiko Meguro
    The Creation of Legality in Contemporary Climate Change Negotiations: The Role of States and Non-State Actors Revisited
  14. Anne van Mulligen 
    The normativity of international law
  15. Peter Mutesasira
    [   ]
  16. Sadie O'Mahoney
    To what extent is the right to food, or should the right to food be, a justiciable right in Malawi?
  17. Ieva Miluna
    [   ]
  18. Enrico Partiti
    Public play upon private standards. How European and international economic law enter into voluntary regimes for sustainability
  19. Gerrit Jan Pulles
    Application of international economic and social human rights by domestic courts
  20. Evelien van Roemburg
    Sixty years of exclusion: a problematic marriage of international refugee law and criminal law
  21. Chris Soler
    The global prosecution of core crimes under international law
  22. Tim Staal 
    Different perspectives on the legitimacy of rulemaking in global environmental regimes
  23. Isabelle Swerissen 
    Responsibility and burden sharing agreements in international refugee law
  24. Stanislas Talontsi
    Mechanisms to enforce the cooperation of States in the arrest and surrender to the ICC within the ICC, the ASP and the UN SC
  25. William Worster
    A New Legal Framework for Diplomatic Assurances
  26. Hasan Yucel
    Responsibility of Transnational Corporations for Environmental Crimes

Research Programme: The Role of Law in Armed Conflict and Peace Operations

Junior researchers (external)

  1. Rogier Bartels
    The legal regime of transnational armed conflicts under international humanitarian law
  2. Jeroen van den Boogaard
    Proportionality as a guiding principle in the law of armed conflict
  3. Bart van den Bosch
    Fighting war without violence. Applicability of the law of armed conflict to military cyber operations below the threshold of attack
  4. Tom Coppen
    [   ]
  5. Jelle van Haaster
    Cyber Operational Capabilities
  6. Jonathan Herbach 
    [   ]
  7. Mark Roorda
    Unmanned weapon systems in military operations. An interdisciplinary normative framework: combining military operational, legal and ethical aspects in bounding the use of unmanned weapon systems in the targeting process

Published by  ACIL

14 July 2017