Amsterdam Center for International Law

International Economic Organizations Law Research Group

This group provides a framework within the ACIL for both institutional and substantive legal issues dealing with international economic organizations and their relationship to their Member States and third states, to other international or regional organizations, and to international law more generally. Some specific linkages falling within this subject area include the international investment regime, the substantive law of the European Union, and the law of regional trade agreements.

The group is organized under the Chair of International Economic Organizations, Professor Pieter Jan Kuijper. Researchers at the ACIL participating in the group area include Hege Kjos and Jim Mathis.

Examples of current research activities of the members reflect the overall comparative nature of the research subjects and the linkages drawn either from or to international economic organizations:

  • institutional organizational law - the effectiveness of (non)infringement procedures in the EU and other international organizations (WTO, OECD, IMF);
  • substantive international economic integration - fair trade and eco labels in the WTO and the EU;
  • international investment law and arbitration - substantive and procedural contributions of international investment arbitration to the international rule of law;
  • institutional and substantive WTO Law - regional trade agreements in the multilateral trading system;
  • international economic organizations and third states - EU and international law and the reception of international law in the EU legal order;
  • substantive WTO and EU law - food safety requirements and the development of COMESA food safety standards in international trade.

The research carried out by the group is in part integrated in the ACIL Research Programme on ‘The International Rule of Law’. Members of the group are associated and participate in the Faculty of Law’s International Trade and Investment Law masters track, the journal Legal Issues of Economic Integration (Kluwer Law International), the Werkgroep Recht der Internationale Economische Betrekkingen (RIEB, ‘working group on the law of international economic relations’); and the IUS Commune Research School, section on Constitutional Processes in the International Legal Order. Members of the group are also affiliated with the editorial/advisory boards of Kluwer Arbitration International, Common Market Law Review, Journal of International Economic Law, and World Trade Review.

Published by  ACIL

17 May 2016