Amsterdam Center for International Law

The International Rule of Law (ACIL/IRL)

This programme (2013-2016) addresses challenges posed by the attempts of states and international institutions to further develop the international rule of law.

Center of Excellence & Research Priority Area

The research group that carries out the Programme has been recognized as one of the Centers of Excellence of the Faculty of Law of the University of Amsterdam. The programme is also a Research Priority Area of the University of Amsterdam.

The research programme in a nutshell

The programme seeks to contribute to the academic and policy debate on the international rule of law. Recent developments, such as the ongoing expansion of the domain of international law, its intrusion into domestic legal systems and its direct consequences for the rights and obligations of individuals, make it imperative to reflect on the quest to develop the rule of law beyond its classical understandings. The programme seeks to do so by a critical assessment of:

  • concepts of the international rule of law that reflect and accommodate the distinct nature of the international legal order and that can serve, in turn, as a normative vantage point for critically assessing trends in international law;
  • trends in 4 key areas of the international rule of law (research themes).

Research themes

The programme focuses on 4 themes that are central to the concept of the international rule of law. Each of these themes serves to cluster collective and individual research projects, as well as to allow for synergies. The themes are not isolated: a central aim of the programme is to examine the connections between the various dimensions of the international rule of law.

  • Postnational lawmaking
  • Shared responsibility in international law
  • Interfaces between international, regional and national law
  • International criminal justice - procedures and new crimes


Published by  ACIL

21 March 2017