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Reparations for war victims can be seen through the lens of international human rights law as both a state obligation and a victim's right and has in recent years emerged as an issue in international criminal law. Over this ACIL Luncheon, ACIL guests Miguel and Niki will present their respective work on the issue of reparations.

Event details of ACIL Luncheon: Reparations in international law
Date 12 February 2018
Time 12:00 -13:00

Miguel's presentation will explore the idea of reparations as either a customary right in international law or as a secondary right derived from and as a consequence of the violation of other rights. He will outline some of the limitations with the concept of reparations, both in terms of the applicability of remedies only to certain human rights violations and their general applicability only in the case of state action. Miguel will conclude by discussing the role reparations can play in supporting the credibility of international human rights law as state gestures of solidarity towards victims.

Niki's presentation aims to illustrate that despite the incapacity of the international(ized) criminal jurisdictions pre-ICC to address the question of victims’ reparations, their existence demonstrated the need for a reparation model in international criminal law, which later emerged through the ICC. More specifically, it will look at the treatment of reperations in the ad hoc and mixed international criminal tribunals. The establishment of the regime of individual responsibility and the aims of international criminal law will be analysed, before discussing victim redress in the ICTY and the ICTR, as well as further developments undertaken in the internationalized criminal courts.

This is a brown bag lunch event and it will take place in REC A10.65