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Dr. Başak Çali will address the question whether a critical reconstruction of the authority of international law is desirable and if so, what direction this must take.

Event details of The Authority of International Law (ACIL Lecture)
Date 9 June 2016
Time 16:00 -17:30


The authority of international law has received much attention in international law and in the neighbouring disciplines of international relations and political theory. This attention points to multiple disagreements concerning the nature, grounds and the reach of the authority of international law. What is more, the standard claim to authority of binding international laws asserted by international lawyers has come under sustained challenge in the recent decades. In this lecture, the speaker will first set out the standard view of the authority of international law in the discipline international law, and address its critics. After that, she will ask whether a critical reconstruction of the authority of international law is desirable and what direction, if any, such critical reconstruction must take.

The lecture is based on the speaker's book The Authority of International Law: Obedience, Respect, and Rebuttal, published by OUP in 2015.

About the speaker

Dr. Başak Çali is Associate Professor in International Law at Koç University. She is a fellow of the Essex Human Rights Centre, founding director of Judgment Watch, founding co-chair of the ESIL Interest Group on International Human Rights Law, academic advisory member of Universal Rights Group and an advisory member of the Turkey Joint Human Rights Platform’s ECHR Judgment Implementation Project.


Faculty of Law, University of Amsterdam

Oudemanhuispoort 4-6, Room A009


The ACIL regularly organizes ACIL Lectures at which external speakers present papers relevant to research carried out at the ACIL. ACIL Lectures are open to all; registration is not required.