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In this ACIL Luncheon, Luca Bonadiman inquires into the notion of faith, with particular reference to international law.

Event details of ACIL Luncheon
Date 25 April 2017
Time 13:00 -14:00

Luca Bonadiman: Faith and International Law

The notion of faith recurs in the literature on and about international law mainly in two contexts: either as a general legal principle (good faith) or as a religious challenge to the secular and neutral character of modern legal systems. In his chapter, Luca investigates the reason for this particular state of things. The inquiry is articulated in three sections. The first section is a philosophical problematization on the actual notion of faith. Challenging reductionist trends depicting faith as something coincidental with religion, it suggests faith is something deeper and more foundational. The second section outlines the faith of international law, thus elaborating on the opposition between secular and religious. The third section examines the faith in international law, reflecting the innate faith in the discourse and thus the instrumental relevance of good faith.


Faculty of Law, University of Amsterdam

Oudemanhuispoort 4-6, Room A101


The ACIL regularly organizes ACIL Luncheons at which ACIL researchers and visiting fellows present aspects of their work, discuss recent developments, cases, ideas, etc. ACIL Luncheons aim to advance interaction and exchange of research. They are open to all; registration is not required.