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The Amsterdam Center for International Law (ACIL) and the T.M.C. Asser Instituut invited Professor Drumbl to lecture about the relationship between and roles of victims and perpetrators under the title of 'Tragic Perpetrators and Imperfect Victims'.

Event details of Mark Drumbl: 'Tragic Perpetrators and Imperfect Victims'
Date 4 October 2017
Time 18:00 -19:30
Professor Mark Drumbl
Mark Drumbl. Photo: T.M.C. Asser Instituut

In times of atrocity, victims may come to victimize others. How to speak of the pain they inflict? Where to address the hurt they cause? Drawing from examples of child soldiers and Kapos in the Nazi concentration camps, this presentation unwraps the victim-perpetrator as presented in multiple venues: criminal prosecutions, civil trials, communal courts, literature, and film. Insights abound for many contemporary justice institutions, including the International Criminal Court.

About Professor Drumbl

Mark Drumbl is the Class of 1975 Alumni Professor at Washington & Lee University, School of Law, where he also serves as Director of the University's Transnational Law Institute. Mark Drumbl is known for his book Reimagining Child Soldiers in International Law and Policy (Oxford University Press, 2012). This book challenged much of conventional wisdom when it comes to preventing child soldiering, meaningfully reintegrating child soldiers, and engaging with former child solders as vibrant contributors to post-conflict reconciliation.


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