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The ACIL welcomes visiting researchers to enrich its research centre throughout the year. During the 2017 fall term, we will host four visiting researchers.

Elena Corcione

Elena Corcione is a PhD Candidate in International Law at the University of Turin, Italy, and will be working on her project entitled The Doctrine of autonomous concepts within the European Convention on Human Rights.

Khulisumuzi Kenneth Sithebe

Khulisumuzi Kenneth Sithebe is an LLD candidate at the University of Pretoria, South Africa, and will be working on his doctoral thesis on The implications of the fair trial standards in Article 46A of the Malabo Protocol.

Mikko Rajavuori

Mikko Rajavuori is a doctoral candidate at the University of Turku, Finland, and will be looking into the regulation of state ownership across different regimes of international law from the perspective of fiduciary theories of sovereign authority.

Andrea Spagnolo

Andrea Spagnolo is Senior Research Fellow at the University of Turin, Department of Law and will be carrying out research on the duty of care of international organizations towards their personnel.

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