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In October 2018, Vid Prislan took up the position of Postdoctoral Researcher at ACIL. His research will focus on the interface between international investment law and the internet economy.

Prior to joining ACIL, Vid worked as a Research Fellow at the Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies, Leiden University, where he also completed his doctoral research project on the role of domestic courts in investor-State arbitration. He previously earned degrees in Dutch law (LLB) and public international law (LLM) from Leiden University, and in international relations from the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

At ACIL, Vid is investigating how the current international regime of foreign investments can accommodate the operations of Internet Giants. He will continue to study the interaction between investment tribunals and domestic courts, with particular emphasis on the interpretation and application of domestic law by investment arbitral tribunals and standards of review applied by investment arbitral tribunals when reviewing domestic judicial decisions. Vid also remains interested in other aspects of foreign investment law, particularly its interaction with other subfields of public international law.