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War Reparations Centre

Here you will find a list of the staff members of the War Reparations Centre:

prof. dr. L. (Liesbeth) Zegveld


dr. F. (Frederiek) de Vlaming

Executive Director

Kate Clark

Supervisor Database

Marjolein Vlieks

Project leader, Drones project

Hope Rikkelman

Project leader, Syria project

PhD researchers

More information on our PhD researchers and their research subject

Interns & student researchers

  • Florian Schoeler (Afrin project)
  • Despoina Eleftheriou (Afrin project)
  • Anne-Julia Egger (Afrin project)
  • Julia Kraemer (Afrin project)
  • Nora Kajamaa (Drones project)
  • Selwi Toksöz (Turkey international crimes project )
  • Lucy Wright (Syria project)
  • Anastasija Kuzecova (Syria project)
  • Greta Albertari (Syria project)
  • Veronica Bellintani (Syria project)
  • Francesca Zarb (Syria genocide project)
  • Alex Foster (Syria genocide project)
  • Kartia Zappavigna (Syria genocide project
  • Philippa Lumley (Syria genocide project)
  • Ciara Dinneny (Turkey database, Syria genocide project)
  • Chiara Guidici (Iraq seminar, Syria genocide project)
  • Francesca Notaro (Bosnia database)
  • Ciara Dinneny (Turkey database)
  • Chiara Guidici (Iraq seminar)
  • Kaitlyn Karpenko (Syria database)
  • Nelis Karakash (NIAC project)

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