Amsterdam Center for International Law

About the ACIL

The Amsterdam Center for International Law (ACIL) was established in 1998. Since 2008 it is the Center of Excellence for Public International Law of the Faculty of Law of the University of Amsterdam.

The ACIL is an internationally leading center for cutting-edge research on questions of international law, including international criminal law. Its aim is to plan, facilitate and coordinate internationally acclaimed and acknowledged research and to contribute to the international scientific debate in selected areas of international law, and thereby to advance the scientific knowledge in these areas.

The ACIL also seeks to contribute to the societal debate in these areas, by communicating with stakeholders in practice within and outside the Netherlands, in identifying research questions, in conducting research and in disseminating research results.

The ACIL brings together around 50 researchers (around 25 fte research time), including PhD researchers. In addition, around 20 external PhD researchers are hosted at the ACIL.

Published by  ACIL

3 March 2017