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dr. J.H. (James) Mathis

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James Mathis is an associate professor in the Department of International Law and a research fellow in the Amsterdam Center for International Law. He participates in the research school Ius Commune. His research interests include International trade law and the WTO, regional trade agreements in the WTO, transatlantic trade issues, technical barriers to trade, and regional / international competition policies.

James is the managing editor of   "Legal Issues of Economic Integration", a Kluwer Law journal published four times each year.   He is on the Advisory Board for TRALAC, (Capetown, SA), and an occasional advisor on trade and competition issues for UNCTAD, Geneva .   

He has conducted guest lectures at the World Bank Institute (DC), TheWorld Trade Organization ( Geneva ), TheEuropean Commission-DG Trade, George Washington University (DC), Columbia University (NY), University of Reykjavic (IS), International Developmental Law Organization ( Rome ), The European Institute of Public Administration ( Maastricht ), Yeditepe University ( Istanbul ), TRALAC (Capetown), among others.

Courses Instructed

- International Trade Law
- International Trade Law and Domestic Regulation
- Development Issues in International Trade Law


- Regional Trade Agreements in the GATT/WTO: Article XXIV and the Internal Trade Requirement, TMC Asser Press, Den Hague, 2002.

- "Is There Potential for Competition Policy in the ECOWAS", with K. Dawar in, The Effects of Anti-competitive Business Practices on Developing Countries and Their Development Prospects, (eds., Qaqaya, H., & Lipimile, G.,), United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), UN, Geneva, pp. 365-408, 2008.  

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- "Mutual Recognition Agreements in the Transatlantic Marketplace", Journal of World Trade, 32:6, pp. 5-31, 1998.

- "Issues in Regional Merger Control" in: World Competition, 21:3, pp. 29-44, 1998.


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  • Partiti, E. D. (2017). Public play upon private standards: How European and international economic law enter into voluntary regimes for sustainability [details] 
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