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Bahram Einolahy Masoum, PhD candidate at the University of Tehran, joined ACIL as a visiting fellow to work on the international personality of Armed Non-state Actors under the guidance of Professor Terry Gill.

Bahram Einolahy, University of Teheran

He holds bachelor degrees in Political Science from Razi University and Law from Payame Noor University. He holds a master’s degree in International Relations from the University of Tehran. He wrote his master’s thesis on 'Causes of Formation and Survival of Anti-systemic Groups in Regional Orders: Case Study of the Middle East' and published four papers on systemic methodology, armed groups and environmental issues during his master programme.

He is currently working on his PhD thesis on the topic of ‘International Status and Legal Personality of Armed Non-state Actors,’ and so far has published articles on realism and non-western theorizing in international relations. His research is framed by this presumption that a shift taking place in the international order “… from the current state-centric system to a more pluralistic world in which, besides states, many non-state actors, such as the EU, UN, NGOs, environmental movements and ANSAs, are playing an important role in world politics. Accordingly, the only way to encourage ANSAs to conduct and act peacefully is to recognise their existence and their rights, rather than ignoring their reality. Only then can they be expected to fulfill their obligations under International Law.”

Bahram joined ACIL as a visiting fellow for six months to research the international legal personality of Armed Non-state Actors under the guidance of Professor Terry Gill.