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Amsterdam Center for International Law

Research at the ACIL aims at the critical understanding and progressive development of international law. It focuses on a series of more specific research projects and two larger research groups: ‘Law and Justice Across Borders’ and ‘The Role of Law in Armed Conflict and Military Operations.’

Research Projects

The ACIL has been home to several distinct research projects by individual researchers or research groups, such as LEXMERCPUB, International Law in Domestic Courts and Shared Responsibility in International Law. ACIL is also home to several internal and external PhD researchers.

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Law and Justice Across Borders

Together with researchers from other legal disciplines, especially from European public and private law as well as jurisprudence, ACIL researchers aim at a better understanding and critical evaluation of the role of law in the processes of Europeanisation and globalization, and their countertendencies.

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The Role of Law in Armed Conflict and Military Operations

ACIL researchers investigate the increasing and changing nature of the role of law in situations of armed conflict and in various types of military operations including military operations.

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War Reparations Centre

ACIL hosts the War Reparations Centre, which studies remedies for violations of international humanitarian and human rights law during armed conflict. It analyses the legal means available to war victims who seek access to justice to obtain a remedy in the form of reparation, restitution or compensation.

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Antonio Cassese Initiative

ACIL is also linked with the Antonio Cassese Initiative, home to all friends, colleagues and admirers of Antonio Cassese. The Initiative’s aim is to keep Nino’s memory alive by promoting his legacy through education and training around the world

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