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ACIL visiting fellow Elisabetta Baldassini, PhD candidate at the University of Macerata, is conducting research on China’s contribution to the development of International Criminal Law.

With a background in Chinese studies, she holds a Master’s degree from Beijing Normal University in Social Development and Public Policies and a Master’s Degree from Sciences Po Paris in Human Rights and Humanitarian Actions. Throughout her multidisciplinary academic path she has been working at a range of international organizations in Beijing, Brussels, Geneva and Cairo where she worked on human rights, democratic governance and legal protection and resettlement for refugees.

Elisabetta’s current research aims at analysing the role that China has played in International Criminal Justice in order to understand China’s practice in, and contribution to, the development of International Criminal Law. While at ACIL, she is focusing on the analysis of certain substantive aspects of key concern to identify whether China has made a relevant actual contribution to International Criminal Law.

She chose ACIL because it is a Center for cutting-edge research in International Law and International Criminal Law. The expertise of its staff members, the ongoing research projects on substantive and procedural International Criminal Law, the wide availability of accessible resources that the University of Amsterdam and ACIL can offer, and the rich intellectual environment that comes with it, are of great benefit for a fruitful progress of her research.