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About the Project

(Re)Coding Value in the Digital Economy - ‘Decentralised Autonomous Organisations’ as Potential Pathways to a Sustainable Society?
How value is measured has significant consequences on the economic system. Experts from various disciplines concur that the narrow financial perspective on value is perpetuating an unjust accumulation of wealth and extractive practices that are detrimental to the environment. They agree that a fresh perspective on value is required. Using an interdisciplinary approach, Leiter studies blockchain-based Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs) and token-engineering mechanisms as a potential pathway for new valuation practices that measure and allocate value in a more fair and equitable way.

About Dr Leiter

Andrea Leiter is an Assistant Professor at the Amsterdam Center for International Law. Her research focuses on technology enabled governance and is embedded in the Sustainable Global Economic Law (SGEL) project. She researches on global inequality and transnational law making through private actors with a focus on the digital economy and blockchain technology. 

Dr. A.B. (Andrea) Leiter PhD

Faculty of Law

Public International Law