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Shared Responsibility in International Law

SHARES (2010-2015)

The Project produced output, offering new concepts, principles and perspectives for understanding how the international legal order may deal with shared responsibility. SHARES was funded by a European Research Council Advanced Grant of 2.1 million euro, obtained in 2010 by Professor André Nollkaemper. The Project ran until the end of 2015.


  • André Nollkaemper
  • Jean d’Aspremont
  • Maarten den Heijer
  • Dov Jacobs
  • Ilias Plakokefalos
  • Christiane Ahlborn
  • Kristen Boon
  • Bérénice Boutin
  • Kathryn Greenman
  • Nienke van der Have
  • Gleider Hernández
  • Emma Irving
  • Erik Kok
  • Francesco Messineo
  • Nataša Nedeski
  • Isabelle Swerissen
  • Jessica Schechinger
  • Annemarieke Vermeer-Künzli

Selected Output

For a longer list of the project output, see:


Close to a hundred blogs were written as part of the project, which are available on the following website:


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