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Shared Responsibility in International Law

SHARES (2010-2015)

The SHARES Project examined an unexplored and largely unrecognised problem: the allocation of international responsibility among multiple states and other actors. It uncovered the nature and extent of the problem of sharing responsibility in an increasingly interdependent and heterogeneous international legal order.

The Project produced output, offering new concepts, principles and perspectives for understanding how the international legal order may deal with shared responsibility. SHARES was funded by a European Research Council Advanced Grant of 2.1 million euro, obtained in 2010 by Professor André Nollkaemper. The Project ran until the end of 2015.

SHARES Animation Movie
SHARES Animation Movie


  • André Nollkaemper
  • Jean d’Aspremont
  • Maarten den Heijer
  • Dov Jacobs
  • Ilias Plakokefalos
  • Christiane Ahlborn
  • Kristen Boon
  • Bérénice Boutin
  • Kathryn Greenman
  • Nienke van der Have
  • Gleider Hernández
  • Emma Irving
  • Erik Kok
  • Francesco Messineo
  • Nataša Nedeski
  • Isabelle Swerissen
  • Jessica Schechinger
  • Annemarieke Vermeer-Künzli

Selected Output

For a longer list of the project output, see:


Close to a hundred blogs were written as part of the project, which are available on the following website:


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