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Results: 101 - 120 of 139
Results: 101 - 120 of 139
  • ACIL welcomes Kate Clark
    27 Feb 2018
    The Amsterdam Center for International Law welcomes Kate Clark as a junior external researcher.
  • Turkey's justification for its attack on Kurds is baseless
    20 Feb 2018
    Turkey may have defended its military intervention in Syria as 'self-defence' but it was wrong to do so.
  • Geraldo Vidigal
    Geraldo Vidigal added to WTO Roster of Panelists
    5 Feb 2018
    The World Trade Organization’s Dispute Settlement Body approved on Monday the nomination of Dr. Geraldo Vidigal, Assistant Professor at the UvA Faculty of Law, to the WTO’s Indicative List of Governmental and ...
  • Prof.Janne Nijman, Professor History and Theory of International Law
    Janne Nijman Visiting Professor in Geneva
    16 Jan 2018
    Janne Nijman, professor of History and Theory of International Law, will be Visiting Professor of International Law at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva, for the 2018 Spring Term ...
  • PhD Defense Christopher Soler
    30 Nov 2017
    On Friday 22 December 2017 (14:00), Christopher Soler will publicly defend his thesis entitled ' The Global Prosecution of Core Crimes under International Law'.
  • Logo Antonio Cassese
    ACIL to cooperate with Antonio Cassese Initiative
    5 Sep 2017
    The Cassese Initiative is home to all friends, colleagues and admirers of Antonio Cassese. The Initiative’s aim is to keep Nino’s memory alive by promoting his legacy through education and training around the world.
  • ACIL welcomes Visiting Fellows for the fall 2017
    4 Sep 2017
    The ACIL welcomes visiting researchers to enrich its research centre throughout the year. During the 2017 fall term, we will host four visiting researchers.
  • Corina Heri
    Corina Heri Post-doctoral researcher at ACIL
    2 Sep 2017
    In September, Corina Heri will start as Post-doctoral researcher at the ACIL. Her research will explore the possibility and content of a human right to land and look at ways to integrate land rights regulation and ...
  • Teresa Cabrita
    Teresa Cabrita PhD Candidate at ACELG and ACIL
    1 Sep 2017
    As of September, Teresa Cabrita will start as PhD Candidate at the ACELG and the ACIL, working on a project on the interplay between EU and international criminal law.
  • Jackson Oldfield
    Jackson Oldfield PhD Candidate at ACIL
    1 Sep 2017
    Jackson Oldfield will start as PhD Candidate at the ACIL as of September, working on a project on the history of smuggling in international law.
  • Wim Zimmermann
    Wim Zimmermann PhD Candidate at ACIL
    1 Sep 2017
    In September, Wim Zimmermann will be starting as a PhD researcher at the ACIL, where he will explore the intersections between compliance theory and critical international legal theory in international law.
  • Call for papers: Contingency in the Course of International Law: How International Law Could Have Been
    22 Aug 2017
    The workshop will ask a question that is deceptive in its simplicity: How might international law have been otherwise?
  • Geraldo Vidigal
    Geraldo Vidigal Assistant Professor of International Trade Law and Public International Law
    17 Aug 2017
    Geraldo Vidigal has started as Assistant Professor at the University of Amsterdam, where he lectures International Trade Law and Public International Law.
  • ACIL students in front of the Peace Court in The Hague
    ACIL-Asser Summer School
    31 Jul 2017
    In the week of 10-14 July the ACIL and the Asser Institute held a Summer School on ‘The Law and Practice of International Dispute Settlement’ in The Hague.
  • ACIL Group photo 2017
    ACIL Annual Research Day 2017
    5 Jul 2017
    On 29 June 2017 ACIL members met at the Industrieele Groote Club for their Annual Research Day.
  • Logo European Commission
    ACIL invites applications for Marie Curie grant 2017
    31 May 2017
    If you have you recently finished your PhD and are interested in a postdoc position to further pursue your research in International Law, we invite you to apply for a Marie Curie grant. The Amsterdam Center for ...
  • Kevin Jon Heller Associate Professor Public International Law
    18 Apr 2017
    On April 1, Kevin Jon Heller has started as Associate Professor of Public International Law.
  • Enrico Partiti
    PhD Defense Enrico Partiti
    5 Apr 2017
    On Thursday, 20 April 2017 (12:00), Enrico Partiti will publicly defend his thesis entitled 'Public Play upon Private Standards: How European and International Economic Law enter into Voluntary Regimes for ...
  • Nienke van der Have
    PhD Defense Nienke van der Have
    22 Feb 2017
    On Wednesday, 8 March 2017 (14:00), Nienke van der Have will publicly defend her thesis entitled 'The Prevention of Gross Human Rights Violations under International Human Rights Law'.
  • Emma Irving
    PhD Defense Emma Irving
    22 Feb 2017
    On Friday, 24 March 2017 (12:00), Emma Irving will publicly defend her thesis entitled 'The Shared Protection of Human Rights at the International Criminal Court'.