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A selection of recent articles from ACIL members and SSRN working paper series

Bagchi, K.
Depoliticizing money: how the International Monetary Fund transformed central banking, Journal of International Economic Law, Volume 27, Issue 1.

Cusato, E.
& Mignot-Mahdavi, R., Stolk, S., Vos, R. In praise of multiplicity: Suspending the desire to change the world, Leiden Journal of International Law, 15 November

Donders, Y.
& Plozza, M. Look before you leap: states’ prevention and anticipation duties under the right to science, The International Journal of Human Rights, 23 October

Leiter, A.
What Can a Lion  Do in the Metaverse? On Multiplicity and Non-Human Agency in K Allado-McDowell and others (eds), Interspecies Future: A Primer (LAS Art Foundation 2024)

Lorenzo, J.
Accountability Mechanisms of Multilateral Development Banks and the Law of International Responsibility, 73(1) International & Comparative Law Quarterly 209 (2024)

Prislan, V.
Investment Tribunals as Courts of Appeal? Determining State Responsibility for Substantive Denial of Justice, British Yearbook of International Law, 16 October

Schill, S.W.
& Ruiz Fabri, H., ‘The Last Editorial: Tribulations and Solace in International Economic Law’ (2023) 24 Journal of World Investment and Trade 839-846 

Venzke, I.
The Path not Taken: On Legal Change and its Context, in The Many Paths of Change in International Law. Nico Krisch and Ezgi Yildiz eds, Oxford University Press 2023. 309–332.

Wewerinke-Singh, M.
The Rising Tide of Rights: Addressing Climate Loss and Damage through Rights-Based Litigation, Transnational Environmental Law, 7 December